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We Love Self-care Sundays

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Self-care comes in many different forms, you can pamper yourself at the spa, binge watch your favorite Netflix series, or even visit the gym. There is no right or wrong way to show yourself some love and appreciation! I enjoy pampering myself by going to the nail salon, getting my hair done, and doing yoga in my backyard. That's what makes me happy and that's all that matters.

With self-care comes self-love, you begin to learn more about yourself, what you are able to tolerate and what might need a little adjusting in your life. For example, I know that I can only do so much before I get stressed out and that's fine, I allow myself a break or two. Taking a break from your regularly scheduled program to take care of yourself and your needs is extremely important and necessary. I have always believed that self-care is a key to overall happiness and well-being, because it is! There is no reason for you to not stop and do something for yourself every once in a while, you deserve it.

Life is hard and is constantly moving but sometimes we have to look in the mirror and tell ourselves to slow down. As I am in grad school and working, I am constantly busy, sometimes I feel like I'm running in circles trying to get everything done. I realized that I am not superwoman and I do not have to aspire to be like her either. I am human and I need to take a break for myself, not for anyone else but me. And no, self-care is NOT selfish, I do not care what anyone else might say. You work hard, you deserve to take some time off! Go out for bunch with the ladies, make that facial appointment, go to the gym at 6am, do what you want. This is the time to be completely YOU and unapologetic about your needs. If people can't understand why you don't have time for them today, it's time to reevaluate that relationship. You are not obligated to be available all the time.

Currently typing this post as I am getting my hair done and yes, today is a Monday but I needed this, so why not? With all that being said, here are 10 tips to add to your self-care routine.

#1: Go Outside

One of the worst things you can possibly do, is stay indoors the all day, especially on your day off. Go outside, stretch, take your dog for a walk, meditate, or meet up with friends. Just do something that requires you to be a little active! Your mind and body will thank you for fresh oxygen, trust me. I challenge you to go outside for at least 15-20 minutes, bask in the warmth of the sun, and take a moment to enjoy the outdoors!

#2: DIY Spa Day

Ladies, this is the easiest and least expensive way to treat yourself and not to mention how relaxing it can be! Prepare a nice warm bath with bubbles and if you don't have a tub, take a nice long shower, use a sugar scrub to exfoliate your skin. While you're in relaxation mode, pop open a bottle of your favorite wine or make a cocktail, turn up the music and enjoy! It's okay to zone out and be completely unaware of what's going on around you because this is for you girl, enjoy it.

#3: Retail Therapy

Literally one of my favorite ways to relieve any stress, shopping! I know you've been eyeing that one purse for a while now, go ahead and treat yourself, just don't go overboard. If you can afford it, get it. You've been waiting for the perfect time to buy it, and today is the day! Show off your new purchase while out on a solo date at your favorite restaurant. You go girl! Looking good, feeling good, and most importantly allowing yourself to relax. I recently bought a new mini purse from my favorite black designer, and I can't wait to style it!

#4: Brunch with the Girls

On Sundays we brunch! Getting cute to hang with your girls is the best feeling ever, especially after a long and stressful work week. Have a couple mimosas, eat delicious food, and chat with your girls! Who doesn't love a good girls day? I live for the moments I get to spend with some of my best girl friends, we always have a good time. And the best part? No drama is tolerated, we're just trying to have a good time! Definitely a great stress reliever, highly recommend. My friends and I love trying new, trendy and cute restaurants and living in LA, the options are endless. I recently visited Nighthawk Breakfast Bar in the Venice area and had the best time! The atmosphere was so inviting and the music was on point, I enjoyed myself.

#5: Start a New Show

Now, I know Netflix has been slacking on the shows recently but there are so many other streaming sites that have great options! I have not started any new shows lately but I have been watching Good Girls on Netflix and I love it! There are 4 seasons and yes, I'm on the 4th season, it's such a great show. I will not spill any tea on it though because I want you to be interested in watching the show. In tip #1 I mentioned that staying in the house all day is not great and that you should go outside, you should. And, if you're binge watching a show, try to get up after each episode and go outside, stretch, take your dog out for a potty break or put your clothes in the dryer. You can multitask, plus the show is not going anywhere, your TV definitely is not going anywhere. So, just get up and take a little break to rest your eyes!

That's all I have for now! I hope you consider adding some of these practices to your routine and if you do not practice self-care yet, this is your sign to begin. Again, these are a few things that I do for myself, if they do not fit with your lifestyle, then find something that does! You got this, girl!

Always sending love and positive vibes your way! Be kind to yourself.✨

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